Machine Knit-able : Peek-a-Boo Tee | Sleeveless

Peek-a-Boo Tee

Peek-a-Boo Tee

Take a simple 2 piece tee and use it as a canvas for your creativity.
Use this kit or choose your own yarn and make it your own!

Quick and Easy knitting! Only two pieces are knit in your chosen stitch pattern.

Leave the shoulders open a little or a lot and make it your own.

Use the original inspiration design as a canvas for your creativity:
Unfinished neck and sleeve edges:
  • Work crochet along the neck and sleeve edges
  • Hand manipulate 1" of garter stitch, seed stitch or ribbing
  • Add I-cord
  • Just let it roll!
Neckline shaping:
  • Simplify by skipping any neckline shaping
  • Use a Knit it Now Pattern to add your desired neckline depth
Plain Stockinette stitch:
  • Choose lace or a textured stitch pattern
  • Chose a self-striping yarn
  • Leave needles out of work
  • Use the purl side for and "inside-out" sweater
  • Add curved hems
  • Add side seam slits
  • Create fashionable asymmetric front and back lengths
  • Loose the ribbing: Hang a hem
Great Fit:
  • Add bust darts
  • Knit your desired length
  • Not enough needles? Knit sideways
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