Machine Knit-able : Margot Striped Beret | Hat

Margot Striped Beret

Margot Striped Beret

Elevate your style with our two-color beret featuring playful stripes! This chic accessory adds a bold, modern twist to a classic style

The single row stripes are easy to knit on the machine. Choose contrasting colors or consider blending a self-striping yarn with a solid color for a unique design.

Knitting a shaped top hat like this beret can be a bit tedious for machine knitters... But it's soooo worth the effort!

Following the hand knitting instructions and knitting all the wedges at the same time, there will be a lot of stitch transfers. (not practical on the machine)

I recommend knitting the top by shaping individual wedges, then seaming them to form the top of the hat.

Use the Knit it Now Beret pattern for detailed instructions.
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