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Taitexma vs Silver Reed

  • September 7, 2023
There are very few fresh-out-of-the-box machines available these days. Which machine is best for you? It depends on what you are looking for. You have choices:
  • Electronic, manual, punchcard
  • Plastic or metal bed
  • Needle pitch (gauge determines the weight of yarn to use)
  • Delivery time
  • Cost

Silver Reed Models Available

Terms: Standard, Mid, Bulky

  • Standard with punchcard SK280 (optional ribber)
  • Electronic Standard SK840 (optional ribber)
  • Mid-gauge (plastic) LK150

Taitexma Models Available

Terms: Standard, Mid, Bulky
  • Standard with punchcard TH860 (optional ribber)
  • Standard with punchcard TH860L(extended bed) (optional ribber)
  • Mid-Gauge (manual) with ribber TH/TR-160
  • Bulky Punchcard TH260 (optional ribber)
  • Bulky Punchcard (extended bed) TH260L (optional ribber)

Silver Reed Availability

Silver Reed machines are generally stocked and available for immediate shipment.

Taitexma Availability

Taitexma machines are made in Taiwan and are ordered in bulk. Expect your order to take approx 10-12 weeks for delivery.

Silver Reed Notes

Silver Reed machines select the needles to pattern as the row is being knit. There is no "preview" of what needles are going to pattern.

Electronic Machines:
Silver Reed machines use an external device for stitch patterns. Most commonly, knitters use a computer and DesignaKnit for stitch patterns. Using Cables, the computer sends the information to the knitting machine for selecting and de-selecting needles for stitch patterning. Another method is using a PE-1 Device for patterning.

Taitexma Notes

Taitexma punchcard machines pre-select needles. (like the vintage Brother machines)
For example, if row 7 of the pattern selects every 3rd needle. after completing row 6, every 3rd needle is positioned to pattern on the NEXT row. This is as if you used a needle pusher and selected the patterning needles manually before knitting a row.

Electronic Machines:
At this time Taitexma does not offer Electronic machines.
    • Cynthia Q
    • September 12, 2023

    I like my Taitexma TH/TR160 mid-gauge. It was very affordable and allowed me to get a ribber for MID-gauge size. It is a lighter weight than my bulky Brother, but not much. Enough so that I can set it up without help. It is packed really well for shipping. It knits really well. I am enjoying learning the ribber with this machine, as well as simple techniques, The standard needles on my Brother are too small to be able to use to learn on. My Brother bulky KH260 with ribber is great, but I did not want to use yarns that heavy right now. The Taitexma TH/TR160 is great for learning and knitting. Very happy I bought it.

    • Tina B
    • September 8, 2023

    For the Silver Reed electronics: be aware of the extra costs for designaknit. The machine comes without the patterning device, and the old patterning unit is not made any more. So calculate the costs and the learning curve, or you have a non patterning machine, and all patterning er handtselected. And otherwise than brother, Taitexma...Silver Reed selects nedles invisible,

    • Sue J
    • September 7, 2023

    The LK-150 is 6.5mm. The Taitexma TH160 is 6mm.

    • Hope R
    • September 7, 2023

    What is the pitch of the Silver Reed mid-gauge LK150?

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